Welcome Adventurers,

This is the kingdom of Severn. A land once the center of the known world now a center for corruption and genocide. But with your help it might be the mighty country it once was. Undead have started rising for the first time in almost 60 years. a sign that the Despret massacre of the realms magic users had failed. it is up to you to stop the necromancer and restore the kingdom to its position of power.

The Great war

Chapter 0

In the 23rd year of the king, a great war began. The two side, an evil necromancer named Thorn, leading his army of undead and King Senn I Leading a noble army of men. The two sides clashed for nearly 40 years sending the land into chaos. It was a dark time for Severn; the darkest it had seen. The king had nearly lost, his army’s had bean forced back to the gates of the capital, Argoss. All hope was lost. Until a great warrior, rose from the ranks to defeat the Necromancer. The epic battle lasted for days, each opponent matched equally; Until the Warrior caught the necromancer off gard, he fained a grievous ingery to his sword arm and let the Summoner get close. With a mighty swing the Warrior cleaved the head off Thorn and held the head high for the masses to see. with a mighty cheer the crowd it was over the undead crumbled to dust. There soles returning to the havens.

The Road to Invasion